Custom Work

CannaPlanning does quite a bit of custom work, and I’m happy to give you a quote!

I can turn your existing designs into stickers, or help you create a new design. Here's how customs work:

I charge for design and manufacturing separately:

⭐️ Any design or new file setup work is paid by the hour depending on what is needed and how long it would take. Once a completed design is on file, there are no additional design charges for future reprints.
- Current rates are $40 per hour. 
- Setting up cut files with existing artwork is generally pretty quick, often just 30 minutes or so. New designs depend on complexity and level of effort. Don't hesitate to reach out with specifics and I'm happy to give you an estimate. 

⭐️ Manufacturing is just based on what type of products and quantities you want made with the existing designs:
- Paper stickers are made by hand, and it’s a bit labor-intensive so I don’t generally have bulk discounts, but making them by hand means there is no minimum orders if you’re just looking for a small quantity
- Vinyl stickers are produced through my manufacturer, so it’s based on their pricing. In large numbers, their products tend to be less expensive than doing it by hand, though they do have minimum orders or higher pricing on small quantities, so it’s just a trade-off depending on what you need. Discounts usually start at 100 sheets. 

⭐️ All orders are paid in advance before work starts.
- Design time is only refundable if the work has not yet been started, or for mid-work cancellations, a prorated refund can be offered for the unused time.  There are no refunds on design time that has already been utilized. 
- Manufacturing costs are refundable only until I place your order with my print company. Once manufacturing has started, there are no refunds as this money has been handed off to the vendor. 
- I provide quality-control oversight for all manufactured orders, ensuring they are produced accurately and of high-quality. If there are errors or defects, I work with the manufacturer to fix or replace, prior to sending any finished products out to you. 

Questions to think about: 

⭐️ Do you already have artwork existing that you just want converted into stickers, or are you also looking for help creating the actual design?
⭐️ What size and quantity of stickers do you want? Would you like different variations such as text or color (each variation is a separate design file)?
⭐️ Do you have a preference in sticker materials? Paper, vinyl, or even glittered or holographic vinyl.

If you're ready to talk about a custom order:

⭐️ Tell me a bit about where you’re at and what you’re looking for, and i’ll be happy to give you my thoughts and options!
⭐️ You can email me at or reach out via my contact form
⭐️ If you've already sent an Etsy, Ebay, or Shopify message, I will respond within the next 24-72 hours.

Thank you for considering CannaPlanning! - Mari