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Stop Police Brutality - BLACK LIVES MATTER


*trigger warning*: graphic violence by police

UPDATED 6/25: Breonna's killers are still free. Please visit her website below and help take action. ADDED Jun 5, 2020: Today should be Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday. She was murdered earlier this year by the Louisville Kentucky police, when they raided the wrong address in the middle of the night, looking for a suspect that they already had in custody. They busted in unannounced, fired dozens of shots, hit Breonna 8 times, and left bullets all across three different apartment units. It's a miracle many more people didn't die. 

Further, they held her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, on attempted murder charges for more than a month for firing a warning shot to defend hhis home, which is in a Stand Your Ground state. 

As of today, there have been absolutely no consequences: every officer involved is still on the force and no significant changes have been made within the department. 

Please visit StandWithBre.com to learn more about her, and to sign the petition and make phone calls to the people who can change this. Then, visit her GoFundMe page to donate to her family and her cause. 


ADDED June 15, 2020: Last week, my dear friend of 10+ years, Nikita, was at  BLM protest in Seattle, WA, when she got squished into a crowd of people being teargassed and rubber bullet-ed by Seattle police. She was hit straight in the face with a rubber bullet, and has been in the hospital for the past week having multiple surgeries, and with permanent damage to her eye and face.

Sadly, she is one of the many many many americans who cannot afford healthcare or insurance, and will be left with her medical bills personally. :(  If you would consider donating to her GoFundMe, all money collected will be used toward her medical bills She's truly a lovely person with a wonderful heart, and your support would mean the world. 


Last night, May 30, 2020, was the worst night of police brutality and violence against unarmed innocent american civilians that I think has ever happened in my lifetime. 

In cities across our country, police violently assaulted reporters, the elderly (Salt Lake City), and uninvolved passersby, shot civilians in the face at point-blank range with rubber bullets (Minneapolis x2, Sacramento, La Mesa CA, DallasIndiana), maced children (Seattle), rammed police cars through crowds of people (multiple cities), rolled TANKS down residential streets screaming "LIGHT EM UP" and throwing teargas at people on their porches (Minneapolis), maced adults (Ohio, Dallas), including pulling off facemasks to do so (NYC), stopped cars to drag out and brutally beat the riders (Atlanta), and threw up white power signs to top it all off (NYC). This was only a tiny slice – this police brutality was video'd and documented in at least 37 american cities.

All because police were asked to stop lynching black folks in the streets for sport.

If you are not abjectly horrified, sickened to the very pit of your stomach and terrified for the future of your brothers and sisters, something is very wrong.


There is much we need to do as a country, but for the immediate moment, I'm asking you for three things: Donate to the victims, start joining our civil rights leaders' campaigns for justice, and educate others.

SUPPORT THE VICTIMS, GET A THANK YOU GIFT: Make a donation to any of the organizations listed below who are supporting brutalized communities, and select your choice of exclusive die cut(s) as a thank you.

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WHITE FOLKS, GET EDUCATED: Start reading White Fragility, then move on to any of the books on this list

GET INVOLVED: There are many ways to do so, but my personal hero is @Shaunking. Follow him for the real news, and join his action steps and campaigns for justice (Twitter, Instagram). Also Grassroots Law (Instagram), Lee Merritt (Instagram), and Tamika Mallory (Instagram).

Join TheActionPac.com - "We will directly support courageous candidates running for office. We will challenge racist, corrupt politicians and their policies. We will craft new laws to radically transform this country from the inside out."

SHARE: share their profiles and posts, tag friends, spread the knowledge, get your loved ones educated, get them involved.

(Updated June 6) SHOP BLACK BUSINESSES: I found a blogger who's been compiling a huge list all in one place, check all the stores out here



(Most links compiled from papermag.com, and I checked each one to confirm accuracy/authenticity. Please contact me if there is an organization you don't see on this list that you think should be added.)


Minneapolis, Minnesota
- George Floyd's siblings Philonise and Bridgett are raising funds for funeral and burial expenses, as well as to support his daughter Gianna. Donate to their GoFundMe's here and here.

The Black Visions Collective Movement and Legal Fund, a Black, trans and queer-led organization, is helping lead the protests and advocating to defund the police in Minnesota. Donate here (button at bottom of page).

Northstar Health Collective, a mutual aid group of organizers and street medics, is providing healthcare and other resources to activists and organizers on the ground. Donate here.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund is bailing out protesters arrested in the demonstrations. Donate here. MFF is also encouraging people to call on District Attorney Mike Freeman and Minnesota Mayor Jacob Frey to demand the release of people detained for protesting.

Louisville, Kentucky
- Black Lives Matter Louisville is asking for donations to the Louisville Community Bail Fund to help bail out protesters. Donate here.

New York City
- The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund is bailing out protestors and pressuring governor Cuomo to take action on defunding New York City police. Donate here.

Atlanta, Georgia
- The Atlanta Solidarity Fund is raising money to supporting and bailing out protestors. Donate here.

- Columbus: The Columbus Freedom Fund is bailing out people arrested for protesting. Donate here.
- (Added 6/1) Cleveland: Donate directly to Black Lives Matter Cleveland here

Denver, Colorado
- The Colorado Freedom Fund is bailing out people arrested in the Denver demonstrations. Donate here.

Los Angeles California
- Los Angeles Black Lives Matter chapter is supporting organizers and fighting to adopt a "People's Budget" that reallocates police funding to vulnerable communities. Donate here (link at bottom of their page in the footer).

- Donate directly to Black Lives Matter



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