In honor of Elijah McClain

August 24, 2021

Sadly, this week marks two years since police officers in Aurora, Colorado trailed, harassed, abused, and eventually murdered Elijah McClain. The city's own independent investigation confirmed that the officers were in the wrong from the very beginning and Elijah should never have been targeted, much less treated as he was during their interaction. Elijah's mother has been working fiercely ever since to make change. Although the officers themselves have not been dealt with, change is being made at the state and local levels thanks in great deal to her efforts, including reforms to that PD, and to state policy on officer conduct, use of force, and drugging of citizens.

Ms McClain recently granted interviews with Colorado Public Radio and The Denver Post, on what the last two years have meant for her, and how they've reshaped her life going forward. Elijah is not a hashtag or a slogan, he was young man who should still be alive today, and her interviews are a stark reminder of why all of us must continue caring and participating and 'keeping the energy' even when horrible abuses aren't on the front page of the news.

The changes being made today because of him, are the ones that could have saved his life if they'd been in place sooner. It's on all of us to do what we can to help make change to prevent any more mothers and families from going through this same suffering. Donations are still being accepted in Elijah's name, and Ms McClain is choosing to use a portion of the money to support homeless organizations that helped her and her family throughout the years, as well as to after-school programs that Elijah had enjoyed.

There are a small number of FUNDRAISER holographic Black Lives Matter weedy sticker die cuts left in my store and for the rest of the month, I've reduced the price to $5, but their full $10 value will be donated to Elijah McClain's GoFundMe, benefiting Ms McClain and her family and efforts.

You can also donate directly to the family here.

Thank you for considering. <3

- Mari