4/20 giveaways!

420 Giveaways!

💜 INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY 1: Win an amazing no-go table sponsorship collection from the @thewestcoastplanners Better Together conference! You get an entire set of all the same goodies as the folks who sat at my table during the conference! Wax melts, Washi, stickers, a kick ass surprise journal I think you'll love, and much more!
- TO ENTER: Comment on this post how you use CannaPlanning products -or- what new stickers or products you want to see for summer.
- EXTRA ENTRY if you tag a friend in your comment
⭐️⭐️ WINNER: @bluelondoncrochet


💜 INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY 2: A second no-go table bag!
- TO ENTER: share a photo on your instagram feed featuring your own CannaPlanning products in use -or- any photo from my feed or website. Tag me, and include hashtag #CP420Giveaway
- 3 CHANCES TO WIN: each day you share my store (today, Thu, Fri), you get a new entry!
- Your account must be public during the giveaway, so I can see your post.
⭐️⭐️ WINNER: @adrenalinejunkee


💜 TWO ADDITIONAL WINNERS from the above giveaways will receive a shot-cup 4-pack of wax melts AND a $10 store gift card.
⭐️⭐️ WINNERS: @deltastet and @are_we_faded


💜 SHOP WITH ME or REFER A FRIEND - GIVEAWAY 3: Everyone who shops my store now through Friday is entered to win a gift card for the entire value of their order, up to $100! Can be used like cash and stacked on top of future sales and discounts!
- TO ENTER: place any order on my site and you're automatically entered!
- FREE ENTRY: if any new customer places an order and mentions your name in their order comments (so tell a friend!)
⭐️⭐️ WINNER: Laura V of Las Vegas, NV for $34.92!


💜 GIVEAWAYS 4 and 5: $10 gift cards to two customers!
TO ENTER: Everyone who places an order at my store through Friday night is automatically entered to win!
⭐️⭐️ WINNERS: Connie R of San Jose, CA and Blake M of Fremont, OH



💗 Everyone who won through Instagram has been reached out to on that platform.

💗 Everyone who received gift cards from shopping has been sent a congratulations email and the value has been automatically added to your account.

⭐️All giveaways are sponsored and funded by CannaPlanning alone and not affiliated with any other groups or corporations.

⭐️ Finally, every single giveaway entry was counted and confirmed by hand for accuracy, and all winners were randomly selected from their respective pools of valid entries.